“Holly's massage has transformed my life by helping address chronic pain.

“Holly's massage has transformed my life by helping address chronic pain. She is truly one of the most informed and intuitive practitioners I've met, and she truly makes her practice feel like a partnership with her patients. She also works well with other practitioners you might be seeing (physical therapists, chiropractors), which is so helpful when you're taking a multi-pronged approach to your health. I can't say enough great things about her. Her expertise in massage therapy in all of its various modalities (visceral manipulation, intraoral, cranio, cupping, etc) is unparalleled.

I've also seen Elisha for acupuncture, and she is similarly a brilliant practitioner with such depth of understanding of Chinese medicine. She seamlessly factors in every aspect of your lifestyle and physical symptomatology to carefully tailor a treatment for you and she reassesses and rebuilds this treatment for you each time you see her. There is nobody I would trust more for acupuncture. Truly transformative.

Also, the woman who works at the front desk is so helpful and always a delight to interact with.”

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You would be foolish to go anywhere else for massage.

“You would be foolish to go anywhere else for massage. Holly has 20 years experience and she really knows what she is doing. I had pain in my neck and was dizzy and felt just awful and she fixed everything. I didn't even think there was hope for me and I am so grateful to her. I would have paid her triple what she charged and it would be worth every cent. Thank you doesn't begin to cover it.”

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Stillwater Massage is not your ordinary massage studio

“Stillwater Massage is not your ordinary massage studio. Prepare to walk out realizing all the massages you had before were just, ok. The times I've gotten a massage here, I have walked away feeling as though I live in an entirely new body. If I had an ache in my neck or back, within a day or two it's gone. The more I learned about Stillwater, the more this made sense. Holly, the owner, is one of Seattle's most highly trained therapists (once teacher), and she's done an incredible job of curating a staff that share her level of skill and passion for massage. These therapists are especially good at helping with chronic pain and injuries, and work closely with physical therapists and doctors as well.”

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"I had a massage with Holly

“I had a session with Holly a few days ago and the best way to sum up my experience is "AMAZING". I have had chronic back and leg issues for years. After my session I not only had little to no pain in areas I thought I just "had to live with" but I also now have more range of motion in my legs. I can’t thank Holly enough for what she was able to do for me. I will be telling all of my friends and family to see Holly and her team!”

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"I had a wonderful 60min massage with Brittany...

"I had a wonderful 60min massage with Brittany and it was GREAT! Brittany is a warm and inviting person that made me feel comfortable immediately. She gave me really useful feedback about the tension in my body and about my hydration level. She was very quick to pick up on the nuances of my body. She did several things that I love I rarely experience from my massage therapist: arm massage with deep work and concentrated work on my gluts that helped relieve cramping down my hamstrings. Plus she did a cupping technique that I love and will want to have again and again FOREVER! Stillwater Massage is AWESOME and I highly recommend Brittany."

- 7/14/18

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