Michelle Downer  l  Certified Exercise Physiologist

Stillwater's massage work is intuitive and deliberate. I came to Stillwater with terrible shoulder pain and they immediately found the root of the issue. I left my first session in relief. Their focus and care of the body is a unique gift. I recommend Stillwater to all looking for authentic massage therapy.


Doug Einck  l  IT Security Engineer

I suffered a severe stroke a few years back and started going to Stillwater a year or so into my long recovery journey. I'm super grateful for the fantastic treatment their staff has provided and am always confident in their abilities. I also love that they understand so many types of massage and can tailor to whatever. The staff has a professional, warm, & caring way about them. Every visit is aimed at a very integrative therapy approach and they never rushed me out...sure is a departure from my former massage therapists!  As you can gather, I highly recommend Stillwater!


Leigh Kimball  l  Producer/Director

I first came to Stillwater after an auto accident, with injuries to my neck, shoulder, back and hip. I soon realized how lucky I was to have found Stillwater. The founder, Holly, is a gifted practitioner who is able to work across many different treatment modalities, depending on individual needs and circumstances. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of anatomy and body systems and is able to relay that information clearly, usefully and poetically.

During each of my sessions I could feel Holly turn her full attention to working with me and where I was on that particular day. My treatment sessions never felt formulaic. Holly also helped me understand what was going on with my body physically and she offered useful stretches/exercises and relaxation techniques that I could do at home. I went to Holly hoping for a thorough deep tissue massage (which I got as part of my treatment and which was amazing) but I came away with so much more than that. Her work altered my sense of what is possible in massage therapy treatment and my life is better because of it.


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