$95.00 for 60 MIN       $140.00 for 90 MIN      $170.00 for 120 MIN  (2 Hours)

Deep Tissue


The most popular massage for stress relief and restoring balance to your body and soul. Designed for physically active people who need to soothe sore muscles. Allowing the firm pressure to penetrate the tension in your muscles.


Swedish Massage


Long gliding strokes patterned release tension from your body. This is a great massage to help restore body mind balance. Soothe and restore your nervous system with this traditional relaxation massage.


Myofascial Release


A therapy that helps restore good posture by making connective tissue more pliable and relaxed. It breaks down scar tissue and softens long held patterns of tension.




Helps balance energy and is found to be deeply relaxing. A touch therapy with the goal of improving the flow of your life energy. Dress in loose comfortable clothing for this experience.




Helps decrease tension and inflammation by increasing circulation. Recommended for women who are pregnant or who have just given birth.




A form of massage therapy that focuses on relieving soft tissue restrictions in the skull and spine to allow optimal flow of cerebral spinal fluid. This subtle work affects the spine and cranial bones and soothes the central nervous system.


Cupping Therapy


Uses negative pressure and massage movements to soften tight muscles, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue with the use of a suction device.



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